Multiple dashboards

Multiple dashboards allowing both students, parents, teachers, school and NGO’s to have access and follow their students learning journey.

Micro-learning format

The strategy to learning new material in manageable doses is called microlearning. Microlearning sessions can last as little as one minute and are often under 10 minutes long.

Social learning

A learning strategy known as “social learning” focuses on how various group members interact with one another. Social learning is more successful than other forms of learning, according to numerous research.

Alaprann.mu offers chat, groups and forums features where learner can interact together or with their teachers.

Cohort learning

Cohort-based learning is a method of education where a group of students completes a course or a sequence of courses together. Cohort-based learning is a term used frequently today to describe collaborative online or hybrid courses. However, the majority of individuals might probably recognize this teaching strategy from their time in high school or college, where students work at the same pace to accomplish courses and exams.


8 different type of quizzes including single choice, multiple choice, drag ad drop, list sorting, open answer, essays and more…

Get examinde after each topics to ensure you understood the subject correctly before proceeding further.

Gamification engine

The use of game components in non-gaming contexts is known as gamification. Compared to conventional learning methods, it has a number of benefits, including:

  • Increasing student motivation
  • enhancing memory for information
  • Improved learner involvement using social tools like badges, points, or leaderboards

Drip feed lessons

Drip-feeding is a method that gives learners more control of their learning experience by progressing one lesson at a time. Drip-feeding is all about timed delivery: Our learners get the course material in stages, gaining access to content like lessons, quizzes, and assignments at a set time allowing them to follow their courses in a coherent and paced manner and retain more knowledge.

Upcoming mobile app

Enhancing accessibility and your learning experience  is our top priority. This is the reason why we are working hard to release our android and iOS mobile  app as soon as possible.

Your favourites courses will follow you everywhere, so you can learn anytime and at your own pace.