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Anne · December 15, 2023

Economics is studied by many students because it is a  vivid and interesting subject. Economics deals with the  ways of living ,choices and decisions made by different groups in society : consumers  producers, governments and  international organisations. The Cambridge School Certificate syllabus encompasses 6 units ranging from the scarcity of resources, the functioning of the market, costs and revenue of firms  , role of governments in the allocation of resources and international dependence among countries.The syllabus is well designed to prepare students for Higher studies in Economics.
As Economics students you will develop greater awareness,  become more knowledgeable about the sources and consequences of economic decisions on society at large.Studying Economics will make you develop an inquisitive , learned spirit that will help you grow by participating actively in a lively , debatable  and interconnected community. 

The aims describe the purposes of a course based on this syllabus. They are not listed in order of priority.
The aims are to enable students to:
• know and understand economic terminology, concepts and theories
• use basic economic numeracy and interpret economic data
• use the tools of economic analysis
• express economic ideas logically and clearly in a written form
• apply economic understanding to current economic issues.

Simla Sithanen

Economics instructor


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About Simla Sithanen

Mrs Sithanen holds a BSC Economics degree from the University of London. She also has a Post Graduate Certificate of Education from the Mauritius Institute of Education and a Masters in Educational Leadership from the Australian Catholic School of Sydney.

She has been teaching Economics at School certificate and Higher School Certificate since October 1980. She has worked at the Bhujoharry Girls College and Loreto Rose Hill College . She was also enthusiastic in group discussion in  human values with her students.

Mrs Sithanen has retired in 2019 and helps students who need help in their choice of subjects and educational career paths.

She is married , mother of three sons and grand mother of three grand daughters.


Simla studied Economics at the University of London and has also a PGCE form the Mauritius Institute of Education.

She also completed a Masters in Educational Leadership in Sydney, Australia

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