O-Level Biology

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The O-Level Biology syllabus is created to place far more emphasis on understanding and applying scientific principles and concepts than it does on factual information.

This method has been implemented in awareness of the need for students to cultivate abilities that will be of long-term use in a world that is becoming more complex and globalised, as opposed to focusing on a lot of factual information that might only be relevant in the short term.

On the basis of this curriculum, teaching and learning initiatives are expected to include a wide range of learning opportunities that encourage inquiry. In order to effectively teach the topics in this syllabus, teachers are advised to combine a variety of relevant methodologies. The test will especially aim to test knowledge, comprehension, and insight in well-known



of paper


Paper 1:

Multiple Choice

compulsory multiple choice questions

1 hour


Paper 2:


This paper has
three sections.


small number of compulsory, structured questions.

1 hour 45 minutes

Total= 80

consists of two compulsory questions.

20 marks

Each question is
worth 10 marks.


candidates must choose one from a choice of two questions (question 8
or 9)


Paper 6: Alternative to

A written paper of
questions designed to test past experience of practical work. Two or three compulsory,

practical questions

1 hour


Estimated 15min / day

Prepare and get ready for your exams in less than 15 minutes per day

Self paced

Progress at your own speed, anytime, anywhere.


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Learning Objectives

The aims of this course are to help you develop:

  •  Valuable educational experience through well planned studies of experimental and practical biological science.
  •  Abilities & skills which are relevant to the study & practice of science
  •  An attitude relevant to science such as objectivity, inventiveness, initiative, and integrity

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Bhawna Curumthaullee

Biology instructor

  • https://alaprann.mu/courses/o-level-biology/

About Bhawna Curumthaullee

Since young, Bhawna has always had a keen interest in Biology. After finishing her school education, she went on to do her Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Mauritius.

From that point her path as a biology instructor was made as she went on to be an educator in multiple schools such as Loreto College Mahebourg, Le Bocage, Port Louis SSS, and more!

A keen learner and enthusiastic individual, Bhawna will share with you her interest in Biology through our entertaining courses. 


Bhawna has a background in Biology from the University of Mauritius and has been a teacher in multiple schools in the aim to gather experience before maintaining the position of Biology education at Phoenix SSS for 5 years before moving to Ebene SSS in 2021.

She is currently involved in a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership and management at Open university.

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Chapter 13: Excretion

Chapter 14: Coordination and control
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Chapter 15: Coordination and response in plants
Chapter 16: Development of organisms and continuity of life
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Chapter 17: Inheritance
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