Job summary

Mathematics teachers are responsible for teaching a variety of mathematical concepts to students at
different levels, from secondary school to university. They must prepare lesson plans, teach mathematics
according to the standards set by the National Education Authority, assess students and encourage their
progress, and provide mathematical advice to students.

Responsibilities and tasks :

• Prepare and present clear and organized lesson plans for each lesson
• Ensure regular attendance in class and be punctual
• Teach mathematics clearly and effectively according to the standards set by the Ministry of
• Working with students on a one-to-one basis to provide additional support or guidance in
• Organise regular revision exercises to help students consolidate their understanding of
mathematical concepts
• Provide additional resources and teaching tools to help students better understand mathematics
• Participate in pedagogical meetings and collaborate with other teachers to develop effective
lesson plans and teaching strategies                       •Prepare and produce learning materials including videos, text, quiz, essays and more.


Core competencies :

• Good knowledge of mathematical concepts and applications
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to teach and adapt to different student levels and learning styles
• Patience and tact in working with students of different backgrounds and ability levels
• Ability to motivate and inspire students to learn and enjoy math
• Ability to plan and organize clear and organized lessons
• Ability to work as a team with other teachers and meet school standards and deadlines
• Ability to use modern educational technology (interactive whiteboard, laptop, etc.) to enhance instruction

Education and experience :

• Degree in mathematics or related field
• PGCE certificate
• Professional experience in teaching mathematics or a related field
• Knowledge of national education and current teaching methods

The Mathematics teacher should be passionate about mathematics and have an ability to explain it in a simple and understandable way to students of different academic levels. They must be able to work as a team with other teachers and management to provide an excellent education to students. Ultimately, the mathematics teacher should be committed to helping their students develop a lasting understanding and appreciation of mathematics.