Job summary

We are looking for a qualified accounting teacher to join our team and teach the fundamentals of accounting to our students. In addition to your teaching responsibilities, you will also be responsible for maintaining the accounting records for our company as required.

Responsibilities and tasks :

  • Preparing and delivering introductory and advanced accounting courses for the company’s employees;
  • Manage the company’s accounts, including processing supplier and customer invoices, auditing accounts, preparing financial reports and managing payroll;
  • Develop and maintain complete and accurate documentation for the company’s accounting;
  • Provide internal financial and accounting advice to the various teams within the company;
  • Actively participate in development and continuing education activities to improve the quality of accounting education;
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance in accounting and tax matters.


Core competencies :

  • Strong teaching and classroom management skills
  • In-depth understanding of the management of a company’s accounts
  • In-depth knowledge and skills in accounting and taxation according to Mauritian standards
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Good command of computers and accounting tools


If you are an accounting teacher or accountant with teaching skills, a good knowledge of accounting and taxation and a passion for your work, apply now to join our dynamic team and achieve great things in accounting.

Education and experience :

  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field
  • Experience as an accounting teacher or accountant