Job summary

We are looking for a GP (Cambridge) teacher that will be responsible for delivering General Paper courses to students at high school/higher education level.

Responsibilities and tasks :

  • Create lesson plans and teaching activities for students based on the objectives and expectations of the Cambridge exam.
  • To teach the concepts and skills needed for the Cambridge GP examinations, using a variety of teaching methods, including group discussions, presentations, group activities, etc.
  • Assessing students’ skills and performance, providing constructive criticism and advice on study methods and examination strategies.
  • Establish regular communication with students and parents to ensure their understanding of the course and examination requirements.
  • Provide additional pedagogical and academic support to students who need it, including individual tutoring or marking sessions.
  • Participate in additional education-related activities, such as planning field trips or workshops to stimulate the development of critical thinking and citizenship skills.

Core competencies :

    • A passion for teaching and previous teaching experience.
    • In-depth knowledge of economic concepts and their application in business.
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
    • Excellent research and writing skills.
    • Fluency in several languages (especially English) is an asset.

    If you are passionate about economics and have proven teaching experience, we encourage you to apply for this opportunity.

Education and experience :

  • A degree in education, English language, humanities, social sciences or a related field.
  • An experience of teaching General Papers
  • PGCE certificate