Job summary

The French teacher is an education professional whose mission is to teach the French language to students. He/she will be responsible for designing high quality instructional programs to help students develop strong language skills.

Responsibilities and tasks :

• Designing and implementing curriculum for students
• Planning and organizing French language instruction sessions
• Identifying the educational needs of each student and adapting the curriculum accordingly
• Assessing students’ understanding and mastery of the French language
• Participating in meetings with parents, colleagues and school officials to discuss student performance

Core competencies :

• A solid knowledge of the French language as well as the curricullum and the pedagogical skills to effectively teach this language
• Effective communication skills to facilitate interaction with students and parents
• Ability to work as part of a team and contribute to the school’s educational projects
• Ability to adapt to different levels and learning abilities of students
• Rigor in planning, organizing and implementing curriculum

Education and experience :

• A Bachelor’s degree in French or other equivalent degree in education
• PGCE certificate
• Professional experience in French language teaching is desirable

The position of French teacher is a key position in any school. Interested candidates must be passionate about teaching the French language and have a strong ability to impart knowledge using effective teaching techniques to help their students reach their full potential.