Job summary

The Chief Technical Officer (CTO) is responsible for the management and supervision of the company’s technical team and technology infrastructure. The CTO is responsible for the planning, implementation and maintenance of the company’s technology strategy. He/she is also responsible for the development of new and emerging technologies.

Responsibilities and tasks :

  • Develop and lead the company’s technology strategy
  • Plan, coordinate and supervise IT projects and technology initiatives, ensuring that they are in line with the company’s strategy
  • Overseeing the design, implementation and maintenance of IT systems, software and applications, ensuring that they are efficient, scalable and secure
  • Leading and managing development teams; ensuring they are productively engaged and in line with business objectives
  • Identifying opportunities for technological innovation and new market trends, ensuring that the company remains competitive and at the forefront of technology
  • Develop and manage the company’s technology budget, ensuring that it is effective and aligned with the company’s objectives
  • Work with the different departments of the company to understand their technology needs and provide appropriate solutions
  • Establishing relationships with suppliers and technology partners, ensuring that the company has access to the best technologies and services on the market

Core competencies :

  • Knowledge of computer technologies and tools, including programming languages and platforms.
  • Experience in research and development of new technologies.
  • Awareness of safety and regulatory issues in technology.
  • Knowledge of the related market and industry.
  • Ability to anticipate future business needs and the technology to meet them


The CTO is a key position within a company, responsible for leading the technology strategy and managing IT projects. The ideal candidate must have proven experience in technology project management as well as excellent communication, leadership and resolution skills.

Education and experience :

  • Postgraduate degree in computer science, computer engineering or a related field.
  • Professional experience and strong project management, leadership and communication skills.