An introduction to the secrets of the universe and everything which surrounds us

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Physics, what is physics?

Its the study of matter and energy and their interactions.

Advancements in physics had a big role in the evolution of humanity.

Physics helps us understand a lot on the way nature works and our existence.

For example: the Big Bang. We study multiple theories brought forward by famous scientists such as Galileo, Einstein, Schrodinger, etc. where we understand the secrets of the universe.

There are also technological advancements which helped design cutting-edge instruments. We learn a lot on measurements and conduct experiments where use those equipments such as callipers, micrometers, etc.

There are multiple forces and energies in nature. We will get the opportunity to discuss gravity and other types of energies which surround us.

Even though numerous discoveries have been made over time, there is still so much we have to understand & multiple theories left to be proven, for example the string theory which is based on the existence of the universe – how was the universe created?

On a day to day perspective, we use electricity & light. But how do these home appliances work?

Join me, Miss Leena Ramessur Ramlukon, Physics teacher on

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Learning Objectives

The aims of this course are to help you develop:

  • the ability to demonstrate and understand scientific phenomenas, vocabulary, instruments, and technological applications
  • the ability to present information from a variety of sources, manipulate numerical and other data, and use information to identify patterns & solve problems, etc.
  • the ability to plan experiments and investigations, interpret and evaluate experimental observations and data, and evaluate methods and suggest possible improvements

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Leena Ramessur

Physics instructor


About Leena Ramessur

Leena is a Physics teacher with a wide range of experience and hobbies. She is currently an educator at Saint Mary’s West College. She is knowledgeable in Physics, Biology and Maths.

She received her PGCE from the Mauritius Institute of Education in 2017 and has numerous qualified skills which make her a reliable educator for all schoolchildren interested in science.

A young and dynamic scientist, Leena is also a blue belt in Tae-kwon-do and a keen chess player!


Leena has a background in Astrophysics from the University of Mauritius and has been a trainee teacher in multiple schools around the island, before establishing herself at St Mary’s West College since 2016.

She is a qualified teacher with skills in Radio/Optical observations, notion of scientific softwares such as MATLAB, and is knowledgeable on multiple programming and astronomical softwares.

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CHAPTER 1 Motion, forces and Energy

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Chapter 2: Thermal Physics
Chapter 3: Waves
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